– Films (for cinema and television) produced in Hungary are eligible for a 30% rebate based on their expenditure (all the direct film production costs) emerged in the country

– The incentive is guaranteed by the Hungarian state through the Collection Account. The
financial support is provided in the form of a cash refund (post-financing). The incentive is up
to 30% of the eligible production expense (Hungarian or not-Hungarian). The non-Hungarian 
eligible spend is capped at 30% of the Hungarian eligible spend. 
Cultural test
– Films applying for the incentive have to be submitted to a cultural test
– Films must contain European content or cultural values and additional points are granted if
EU nationals are either making or financing the movie (point system)
– 16 points has to be earned to pass
What productions can benefit?
– Films of all genres made for cinema release
– Feature films, series, documentaries and animations made for televisions or other distribution
– Porn and extreme violent films, commercials, reality shows and daily soap operas are excluded
Other advantages with Lighthouse Film Hungary
– Experienced crews
– Languages spoken
– Well equipped new studios – sound stages
– Variety of filming locations
– Post-production facilities and expertise
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